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Individual Psychotherapy:

A one-to-one session, 50 minutes long, in which your goals for self-examination are discussed. We probe childhood experiences, dreams, past trauma, and free associations. I employ Object Relations Theory. It supports the notion that your relationships form based on your early attachment with your parent or care giver.

Couples Psychotherapy:

A fifty minute session in which partners are encouraged to share feelings on their relationship. Issues which cause friction and animosity are explored. Communication becomes easier through discussing angry and defensive reactions, and hurt. Repetition of problematic interactions in a safe environment provide a base for a new relational paradigm.

Group Psychotherapy:

An hour and a half closed group in which didactic improvement in current relationships is the goal. Participants are encouraged to use others in the group onto whom they project feelings. Reactions are examined; feelings are addressed. You cull, from your group process, the knowledge of how your words pierce others. Then, you learn how to repair.

About Marla Cohen

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature - University of Michigan - 1981

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism - University of Nebraska - 1984

Master of Science in Counseling - University of Nebraska - 2000

Certification in Object Relations Theory & Practice - International Psychotherapy Institute - 2006

Currently a fellow at The International Psychotherapy Institute